Boley’s Smart Foundation Repair

Boley’s Smart Foundation Repair

Since 2003 Boley’s Smart Foundation Repair has provided Temple, Belton, and the surrounding area with the Smart choice in foundation repair.

About Us

We have inspected and successfully repaired hundreds of residential foundations throughout Central Texas. Over 75% of our business comes directly from referrals by our many customers who were completely satisfied with both our outstanding service and our exceptionally competitive rates.

Do You Have Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems are caused by the changing conditions of the soils around your home.

  • Droughts

  • Trees & Tree Roots

  • Inadequate Drainage

  • Clay/Expansive Soils

  • Under Slab Plumbing Leaks

Any or all of these problems can cause doors and windows to stick, cracks in sheetrock and brick mortar, stress cracks in brick and damage to your most valuable asset, your home.