Boley’s Smart Foundation Repair uses a double pier system as outlined in the diagram on the left. At each piling location we will hand dig a hole that is approximately two to three feet square. Any plants, which may be in the way, are removed and relocated if possible.

Once the hand dug holes are completed, we will begin to install the pilings. Each pile section is hydraulically driven beneath the foundation, adding as many sections as necessary, to reach bedrock or refusal. After all pilings are installed, the leveling process begins. During the leveling process hydraulic jacks and steel shims are used to fine tune the leveling. A zip level (Compulevel) is used to bring the slab to the appropriate elevations.

When all leveling is completed, the holes are then back-filled, and plants are replanted (where possible). Unless interior pilings are installed, we will only need access inside your home during the leveling process. We will need access to your water, electricity, and breaker box at all times during the repair process.

Pier & Beam

Boley’s Smart Foundation Repair takes great pride in our Pier and Beam work.

Upon initial inspection we will determine the cause of the problem. A repair recommendation will be made, if needed, based on a number of factors including any rotted wood found and the condition of the piers, girders, floor joists and sub flooring.

Typically the repair process includes replacing any rotted wood ensuring the floor is structurally sound and verifying footings are in good condition. Jacks are positioned in the appropriate areas. The girder beams are shimmed to achieve the best possible result for the homeowner.

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